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Nat Gosline


Nat Paul Gosline was born in Connecticut and moved to Warner Robins, Georgia at a young age. When Nat was 15 years old he began wrestling on the High School team at only 98 pounds. He describes ““It took me a long time before I realized that not only was I the smallest guy on our team, but I was also one of the weakest. I decided I needed to start lifting weights in order to get stronger so I started going to the gym. I still remember the smell the first time I walked in there to this day. I found it interesting that a person could change their physique so much. I started watching bodybuilding videos online every day before I went to the gym and copying what the guys in the videos were doing. By the time I graduated I was 209 lbs and one of the strongest athletes in my school.”

After graduating from High School, Nat was approached by a fellow gym member who began to train him for his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 18. He won the teen class and overall bodybuilding award and from that moment on he was hooked. He took 2 years off to gain muscle and returned to bodybuilding to win the heavyweight class, best posing award, and the overall bodybuilding trophy. Since then Nat has gone on to compete within the state of Georgia and most recently obtained the title of 2015 NPC Collegiate National Overall Bodybuilding Champion. Nat spends most of his time reading and researching information to help people with nutrition and fitness goals. He has gathered a unique set of skills, which assists him in working with rehabilitating athletes, general weight loss goals, and fitness competitors. He has had a life long goal of opening a fitness facility to help all kinds of people reach their fitness goals. Whether it’s losing an extra 10 pounds, gaining strength and agility, or prepping for their next fitness competition, Nat possesses a diverse wealth of knowledge to meet every member’s need.

Christina Carollo


My name is Christina Carollo. I have always been passionate about fitness from weight lifting, running track, instructing Les Mills group fitness classes, and 4 years of NPC bikini/figure competitions. I have successfully competed nationally in the NPC for the first 2 years in Bikini and the last 2 years in Figure. I can remember initially spending countless hours pouring through magazines and webpages looking for new diet tips and workouts. I was desperately craving information to grow and change my body. No matter HOW many recipes or routines I learned, how many cute fitness outfits I bought, or how expensive my gym memberships were NOTHING could bring me to the level that I wanted to be without getting my MIND in the right place first! I earned a masters degree in counseling and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as becoming certified as a personal trainer. I have worked for the past 5 years helping people create meaningful goals and change their lives for the better! My purpose in this field is to change lives around me and to lead people into living a healthier overall existence. It truly excites me to see someone reaching his or her goals! I am incredibly driven and focused in everything that I do. I can think of nothing better than combining my passion for fitness with my knowledge of helping others reach their full potential. Wellness is a state of being healthy in body AND mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. It can be a battle not knowing where to begin. I’ll also be sharing nutrition tips, recipes, workout routines, food prep tips, and general motivation. I do provide one on one coaching, online coaching, show prep, posing, and wellness sessions. I get JUST as excited as you do about reaching your goals! Wellness has no finish line!

Kyle Vorster

Certified Personal Trainer

23 year old Kyle Vorster began personal training at the age of 17. Son to personal trainers/bodybuilders Marius and June Vorster, Kyle grew up hands on in the fitness industry. Kyle was a multi sport athlete in high school, and although football had his attention, Kyle’s focus remained within his training. From a young age he began his journey into the fitness world. Different from most high school athletes, Kyle found an early fascination in monitoring meals and progression in his body.
In high school, Marius Vorster began mentoring his son in his training. Kyle began diligently focusing on his parent’s careers. Eventually he began writing certified training programs for Personal Training Inc.
After 3 years of college football, Kyle gained honors off and on the field. After transferring schools the NCAA required Kyle to sit out for a year. In that year bodybuilding caught his eye. To date, Kyle has now competed in two NPC competitions winning first place in both shows. Currently he is training to step foot on the national stage chasing his pro career.
Kyle’s passion and unusual fascination with dieting and training finally found its home with Enhanced Performance and Muscle taking the training he loves and guiding everyday people to towards their own goals.
Kyle is a high-energy competitive personal trainer. He has worked with high school athletes from 8 different high schools over 5 years. Specializing in fast twitch muscle, muscle growth, and agility. He has followed under master trainers for 6 years as well as received a certification through N.A.S.M. Kyle is currently pursuing another specialized certification through I.S.S.A. to work with rehabilitation for injured athletes.